Words Unsaid

Words,’ he said,’ are often best left unsaid.

‘Eh?’ I replied, stirred from my routine afternoon hibernation.

‘Words,’ he repeated,’ are often best left unsaid.

‘Is that so?

‘Yes, I believe it is true. Words unsaid, thoughts unexpressed possess latent power – like water in a dam. The expectation of what might be said affords them a power, which once expressed, is lost to them. They’re a secret, that when told reveals that there never was anything worth wondering about and what was spoken, was already known, but not expected!

Why else, do you think, great men spoke so little, and when they spoke, it was something that everyone was aware of, but did not expect. It was only because they spoke so little that so much was expected of their words, which gave them their power. Words convey so little of what is desired to be said. A glance, yes just a glance can say more than words can ever express.
Yes, I’m convinced: Words are best left unsaid.’

With that, he looked at me expectantly.

Without a word, and just a fleeting glance for an answer, I went back to sleep.

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