Why did the chicken cross the goat?

Question courtesy Rhymebawd. This was his third choice of questions, the first two being ‘why should I kill myself’ and ‘how should I kill myself’. He seems to be very fond of me, eh?

Since we’ve already done one question about killing, I thought we should do something a little different this time. 25 options for this should be tough. Nonetheless, here goes:

1. To try to even the score. The goat was full of ticks.
2. One more cross, and the double cross would be complete
3. Because someone said it was too chicken to do so.
4. It was retaliatory. The goat crossed the chicken first.
5. Everyone else was doing it! Beheti ganga mein hath dhona.
6. Because the chicken was ordered to do so.
7. The chicken was answering an exam. The question was ‘What does a cow look like?’ So the chicken ticked the picture of a cow, and crossed the goat.
8. They were racing, and whoever lost would be lunch.
9. Because the tortoise was too slow to manage it
10. The goat was speeding, and the chicken was the cop
11. It was one of the chickens quirks: if it saw anyone in front, it just had to speed up and overtake
12. A meeting of chickens was being held. “Who’s been eating all the fodder and leaving nothing for us?”; “The goat! The goat” they all shouted. “This is enemy no.1”, said the chief chicken, and crossed the goat.
13. Because the duck refused to do it.
14. “You don’t have to kill it” said the psychologist. “Just beat it at something goats are meant to be better at. That should help reduce your high BP and get over your inferiority complex”
15. Easy – the chicken had been training for weeks. The goat was a tub of lard.
16. There was no other way through; the chicken could never manage a jump over it.
17. They were both reaching for the last bottle of beer.
18. Whoever won the race would be allowed to skip the class on religion. (go figure!)
(more later. gtg for class)


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  1. Ah.. list again? i laaaik!

    lessee *crackles knuckles*

    19. there was no road for the chicken to cross.

    20. moreover, it had had enough of why did the ‘chicken cross the road’ jokes.

    20. the chicken didn’t know it takes a male and a female goat to make another goat, so it crossed it with a pig.

    21. chicken want to anger goat, so chicken cross it.

    22. chicken was Evangelist.

    23. duh.. chicken and goat were playing naughts and crosses..

    24. chicken and goat are featured in cartoon. chicken punched goat. goat fainted. (kindly observe unconscious goat’s eyes)

    25. chicken was high. it was seeing one goat as many. in inebriated state, the chicken was adding. so, the plus became a cross. (sad no?)


  2. ohhhhhh!!

    26. chicken was playing pin the goat. so, ‘x’ marks the spot.


    man, this stuff is fun!

  3. Okay. How about this, Finch – you give me the next question. I really need this; it’s a ‘release’ of sorts, and great fun.

    27. The goat was blocking the road the chicken was trying to cross.

    Rather obvious, but wtf. Thanks, this is most encouraging. Knights in the devils service? 😀

  4. hehehe! i have nooo hassles with monkeying around with things like this. glad to be of ‘service’. (nothing like servitude that allows you to have fun..)

    27. is very logically correct. definitely more possible than the goat being an Evangelist..

    but one koshun: solutions should be funny, no?

    Next probable koshun: Roll weed where the sun dun shine. Elucidate.

    thinking cap not on. stye in eye is annoying. so i promise more potential next time!

  5. I think the elucidation calls for elaboration…something which beats the whole purpose of this quick Q&A thingummy, no?

    Answers need not be funny; we’re just looking at numbers. The more the better. A certain cat whom the smitten kitten knows quite well, introduced me to this concept. One inebriated December 25th (2AM in 2001, I think), we sat down on chat and managed to do a part of . However, the less we say about the cat, the better, though. Whatsay, Mrs. Wallace? *grin*

  6. lol!!!

    i loved that koshun!

    lessee.. edit that thing and say

    “if you make hay while the sun shines, what to do when its cloudy?”


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