Whoa! Now where do I get tickets from?

On top of my boithday wishlist is a ticket to the Iron Maiden concert in Bangalore. So, if you know where I can get tickets from, please please please do let me know. Hmm…last went to B’lore nine years ago, and this is as good a reason as any.

An aside, wtf is it with Eddie and Cricket? Who’s designed this stupid poster?

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  1. Nikhil, if your last visit was 9 years ago, brace yourself for a shockingly different – not necessarily better – Bangalore. Offices back on to the landing strip at HAL airport, and malls and lounges with pretentious fashion shows and needlessly pricey cocktails – not the bars of yore – seem to dominate everything.

    At least the potholes of MG Road are reliably the same!

  2. Don’t get me started on Delhi 🙂
    In the last 15 days alone, several hoardings have come up in a city that was largely hoarding-free. Many many more around the crematorium. The worst is – these hoarding aren’t high…pretty much in your face while you’re driving, and rather brightly lit.

    Bangalore…well, I don’t even remember the city, and probably won’t get time to roam around much. By the looks of it, it’ll be a very short trip, and there’ll be work.

  3. Nikhil, I don’t know if you got to see them perform but Iron Maiden is performing live at Abbey Road Studios in London soon and this is on a TV programme late Friday night. 🙂

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