Who thinks up these things anyway?

From the Delhi Book Fair (had gone on three days, once with Jai and Aishwarya)

Umm…not what immediately comes to mind.

I’m not sure if I clicked this one for the title related to chocolate sex or a name like Marsha Mellow

Go figure

The photo isn’t clear: it’s called “The autobiography of an ex-coloured man.” Black or white?

No comments, really.

“Finding a girl in America” :S

Aishwarya: what was his next book called?

A directory of Alcoholics Anonymous members? 😛


“My Darling My Hamburger?” Anyone heard of My Beloved, My Vada Pav?


And from Darya Ganj (a couple of weeks before that)

Judgement Day?

Since you asked for it 🙂

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