Whither credibility? Get a load of this….

If this was a press release, I’d have dismissed it as a lame attempt at diverting attention from the real news (for a business news site). However, it’s an article…read “Graphisads to beautify Delhi borders“.

Even as a press release, I think it’s counter productive: makes me search for the real news…others would have just ignored it as not being relevant in a business site/paper.

I don’t think much of a person who either just copy-pastes a release, or writes the article in a manner that either makes it lose relevance, or gives it a slant that the company featured in it wants – at the cost of being lucid.

Update:¬† from Shefaly, this Dilbert comic strip ūüėÄ

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  1. Sadly, copy-pasting is now the norm, especially in journalism.

    And if they dont do that, the spelling mistakes across newspapers are horrendous. If not that, the formatting is screwed.

    Its just all gone for a toss, really.

  2. This ‘quality control’ issue is a problem in media worldwide. When I blog about specific research or headlines news, I am spoilt for choice as to which URL to quote since there are so many identical ones. The difference lies in the analytical abilities of the journalist and esp in case of science news stories, few are equipped to ask the right questions which add something to the understanding of the phenomenon.

    As for spelling errors and grammatical faux pas, I have spotted them in the Financial Times in the UK too, so that is either poor editorial work or simple over-reliance on Microsoft Word spell-checker.

  3. How you write is eventually a function of what you read. I’ve only been reading newspapers and blogs for the last eight months; it’s now becoming increasingly difficult to construct articles, and I’ve actually stopped writing features.

    In some cases, it’s about not having the requisite writing skill. In others, like mine, it’s about lack of time. What I can’t tolerate, is lack of independence in the media…I’d rather that the site publish the news separately as a press release, like Agencyfaqs does.

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