We’re emotional ducks, all of us…

…says Gucci of Them Clones.

Split Magazine has an article on the impending release of Them Clones’ first album, whose name they aren’t willing to divulge, or perhaps haven’t decided yet. TC are among the best bands in India, and while most of their music is very rage-against-the-machine and linkin-park, they’ve also composed some dreamy soft numbers like Zephyretta, Wait For Me and another song that when I last heard, was unnamed.

I confess that the first time I heard their OC’s (Original Compilations for the unitiatied), I thought they were covers and asked people around me about which band had originally sung the songs. I have the EP (which, contrary to what is stated in the article, doesn’t include Zephyretta), and am looking forward to the album, which is a must buy. They actually do their OC’s much better than the covers, and most of them are very well composed.

Five of their OC’s are available for download here.

The first time I heard the band was a year and a half ago at the British Council, just before GIR. That was among their better performances, which lasted well over an hour and they also sang songs by Pearl Jam. That they didn’t win GIR in 2005 was a great disappointment, since they clearly were the best band on view. They did quite a few shows last year, though the last couple of performances that I witnessed were quite thanda. The gig during Rocktoberfest was among the best. Of course, they also executed that outrageous DVD stunt at Hamsadwani. I must have gone for at least 7 of their gigs in Delhi last year!

And there’s more to come – RSJ has announced that they’re planning to organise a pub fest in June:


Drink rock, stay beer! (hic) \m/

Come the month of June, Rock Street Journal is planning a humongous Pub-rock festival in Delhi . The concerts will take place on every Thursday and Sunday in June, which makes for a total of 8 shows. We are tying up 8 different pubs in Delhi for this event as well. Make no mistake about it. This will be BIG!

Interested bands (both from Delhi and outside) can register for the festival by sending their profile in a mail to ram@rsjonline.com . Bands that have CDs/Demos that they have recorded may please send that to RSJ as well. A maximum of 24 bands will be selected to perform at the festival

Last date for registering for the festival is 3rd May.

So June should be fun. O-)

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  1. Great to hear that.

    But i think indian rock still has a long way to go.
    BTW, which is that desi band which has sung “Do you believe in God” ? It really sounds good. Are the records available.

  2. Well, Indian Rock has a long way to go in terms of consistency and quality in general, but there are bands that I rate as high as any other top band. Colourblind was one of them, and although the vocals were weak, it music was top quality. There’s song called Sometimes by Helga’s Fun Castle. Quite a few of Them Clones songs are great too. There’s a bangalore based band called Liquid Groove, and of course there’s Skinny Alley from Cal. There are great Indian bands out there. What they badly lack is label support and the marketing budget. Word of mouth isn’t strong enough in India, really.

    Never heard the song that you’ve mentioned. Will find out and get back to you

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