Thankfully, “cute” was not a word that came to mind when I saw Verbatim, a six minute short film by my friend Jugal. Watch the film here on YouTube, and to feel free to call the film cute in the comments…that should piss off Jugal. 😀

It reminds me of a story I’d written, The Wish, though that had a different theme, and a very different ending.

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  1. Verbatim was my first experience with anything that came close to describing the word “shoot” … it was hectic. now i have a leetle bit of respect for bollywood stars.(and hollywood of course!) all of us went mad during the two beautiful days… over the shoot, the million ‘takes’, the million ideas… the million everythings! not to forget the tons n tons of chicken biryani that went waste almost…! but in the end, it was a treat! thanks juglu

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