Underpasses vs Overpasses

Jinxed days are perfect for useless discussions: you’re not sure of whether you should do anything at all, since nothing seems to be going right, and you’re sure that even if there’s going to be a sign from above, it’s probably going to be bird-shit. I’d had two jinxed days, apart from the fact that I was able to get passess for the Jazz Utsav. Didn’t get to watch the concert at the Baha’i temple, or the gig by Core at TC. Got business cards printed and they all came out messed up. Meeting that were postponed. Erratic Internet connection. But let’s not go there. Let’s talk about the useless discussion.

Some of you might remember Gautam from the following conversation:

Gautam: What is political correctness?
Nikhil: It’s about saying the right thing. No, more about not saying the wrong thing.
Gautam: Haan?
Nikhil: The way Americans call black people ‘African Americans’ instead of black, because they might consider it rude.
Gautam: Oh, that way! Thanks.
Nikhil: The way we call you Gautam.

Well, Gautam and I were sitting outside the Supreme Court, waiting for a telephone call from someone who could let us into Pragati Maidan for the IITF during business hours when we heard a policeman recommend, using a megaphone, that visitors should use the overpass to cross the road. I don’t think I’ve ever used and overpass, or for that matter seen anyone use it. We sat down and discussed probable reasons:

1. Since overpasses are uncovered, people might like to avoid taking the longer route (relatively) closer to the Sun.
2. Overpasses are higher than underpasses are lower: that is, there are more steps to climb.
3. There’s also no risk of falling off an underpass (not like there’s a risk of falling off an overpass, but this is a useless discussion, remember).
4. Overpasses are visible and no one wants to be the only one taking the overpass.
5. Peer pressure – everyone else is running across the road
6. Lack of a fire exit on an overpass
7. No walls to spit paan.
8. Very little space to scribble graffiti on
9. Overbridges fail when it comes to bungee jumping
10. The most interesting and not-senseless option, which Gautam came up with was that people are put off by overpasses since they’ve to climb up first. They don’t mind climbing down, after which they’re stuck, and have no choice but to climb up.

What would you rather use – an underpass or an overpass?

And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that this was a useless discussion. Yes, the chappie didn’t turn, and I wasn’t able to get The Simoquin Prophesies by Samit Basu in the three bookshops in CP, so the jinx continues. Tomorrow is another day.


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