unCERT-IN reasoning = Blogger Blockage

Choose the right option:

a) Some bloggers are terrorists, hence some blogs need to be banned
b) Some bloggers are terrorists, hence all blogs need to be banned
c) All bloggers are terrorists, hence some blogs need to be banned
d) All bloggers are terrorists, hence all blogs need to be banned.

Logically, the only two options that are correct are a) and d). Practically, a) is the only option that makes sense since I’m no terrorist, and neither are most Indian Bloggers. Since the 14th of this month, I have been unable to directly acces any blogspot blogs, including my own. I wrote to MTNL and they replied with a vague and grammatically incorrect message, and sent the linesman to check my phone line.

Yesterday, I met Amitava Sanyal and Mayank Tiwari from HT, who confirmed from their source in the government that there is an official blockage. HT Delhi, has a short news story on this, though it is toned down.

ET also carries the news, as does Times of India, Mumbai (I’m told).

According to the Indian Express, one of the blogs banned is – http://www.princess-kimberly.blogspot.com [mirror]. A sample of dangerous terrorist propaganda:

hello again.
i had an awesome day with my family.
i love my family. 🙂

mummy just gave me this diamond earrings.
wow.. it looks so pretty. i love it.
thank God for more than a pair of ear holes. haha.. i can keep mommy’s and kevin’s earrings on my ears. i love both of them sooooo both.. 🙂

okie.. tmr is gonna be busy busy. but i am expecting Good things. 🙂 cos my Jesus is goooood. 🙂

ahhh. i am so happy, i am so glad.. i cant contain it.

baby, i miss you.

Lot’s happening, and this has reached a groundswell –

A forum – Bloggers Collective
A Wiki (I-heart-wikis) – Bloggers Against Censorship [Update: the Wiki has been moved]

From the Wiki:

You may display either of these two images, and link to the Wiki:

&lt img xsrc=”http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/2057/iconcopyib2.jpg” mce_src=”http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/2057/iconcopyib2.jpg” border=”0″ &gt

&lt img xsrc=”http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/3303/icon2gv0.jpg” mce_src=”http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/3303/icon2gv0.jpg” border=”0″ &gt

A few months ago, I felt glad that the Indian government wasn’t doing to us what the Pakistani government did to the bloggers from Pakistan. So much for that, eh?

Scoble’s posted about it here.

Update 2:
Got a call from an MTNL official from Delhi who is agitated that
his name was mentioned on the internet by one ‘Shivam Vij’ on Rediff [here]. I’ve sent MTNL a couple of mails with screencaps of pings since the
14th. He feels that they’re not to blame.

About the situation, he first denied that they’d received any directive
from the government. When I mentioned a journo’s chat in my presence
with someone in the government last evening, he said that they received
a list of websites from CERT-IN in May, and these are exonding
(offending???) websites, and my site (http://mixedbag.blogspot.com) is
not on the list so it can’t possibly be blocked.

He was unable to understand the difference between *.blogspot.com and http://banned.blogspot.com, in spite of my best efforts.

According to him, he is able to access all blogs so the problem must be
from my end, not realising that he might be accessing the net from a
different line. On being told that other users are facing the same
problem, he said that there must be some problem from Reliance (Flag
Telecom) because that’s where they’re getting the data from. Kept
clarifying that they’ve not blocked anything, and have done no wrong.

He is also extremely pissed that Shivam mentioned his name in the
article on Rediff (‘Kis haisiyat se?’, ‘Kya matlab hain’ and similar
utterances). [*] He’s probably afraid of being made
a scapegoat. He did sound agitated.

[*]- edited 19/7/06, as per request.

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