To Do

1. Zoom in on some categories. Currently being considered: Events, Music, Books, Trends, Social Media, Theatre, Advertising, Marketing, Stock Markets, Companies, Politics…well, that’s the problem when you tend to opine on everything. Oh, and Crazitivity for all the mock interviews and the ideation exercises. 😀
Open to suggestions, though.

2. Create a new design. I love the design of Sramana Mitra‘s site, but will do something like that without images.

3. Categorise old, transferred posts, and clean up a little. Add images where there are none now…lots of work.

more later…

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  1. Congratulations on the move! Have fun playing around with WordPress.

    I like most of Scott’s themes—very minimalistic.

    You’re a lot braver than me, moving over all the old posts. That just seemed like too much work… I’ve still not added any other stuff except the blog on simulacra.

    BTW, how did you finally end up paying for Dreamhost?

  2. Nikhil, this is very brave. Once you have done it, I would be grateful (as would many others) if you posted a cheat-sheet which we could use to move from blogspot to our own hosted blogs. Commendable. Watching this space evolve..

  3. Ankit: it’ll be minimalist. I’m a usability freak. 🙂
    In fact, I’ve already made a couple of small changes to the CSS. My cousin finally paid for it using his CC, and there were no ridiculous requests for a pencilled copy made to him. I think an intl CC works, or what you did.

    Shefaly: nothing brave about it. One goes to and creates an account, registers a domain and makes a payment. Once that is done, there’s a one click wordpress hosting. In the wordpress dashboard, there’s a feature called ‘import’, it takes all of three minutes to copy all the content and comments from your blogger account. There are a few formatting issues and the blog template customizations aren’t copied. remains the same.
    If you want to shift, just let me know. Mine was a slightly different shift since I’ve actually paid and registered the domain at and hosted the blog at . Also, for hosting, I got a hefty $97 discount via Ankit, and I can give you one too. It’s one of the most successful buzz marketing policies adopted by Dreamhost.

  4. Nikhil: thanks for this. My domain is for now forwarded to the blog. I also don’t think that my webhost does blog hosting which sounds as easy as you mention yours is.. I need to look at some options.

    BTW does your ‘import’ allow comments to be imported complete with the details like backtracking and poster’s website etc that they may have supplied?

    I shall take a look at Dreamhost and am also considering Squarespace too.

    I shall very much like to take up your offer of a discount if that is possible, once I make up my mind. Thanks!

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