Thoughts on Osian’s Cinefan Film Fest

For those who don’t know, The 8th Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival is on in Delhi. 10 days and lots of films at Rs.20/film, unless you have a press pass or complimentary passes.

Went today. Met Jai, his friend Shougat, Annie and bumped into Sushil right at the end. The last time I met Sushil was at the end of the Jazz Utsav. Saw four films from 2:00 onwards – Faltu, It Could Be You, Everlasting Regret and Paradise Now. The first two were awful, the third was nice, and the last was fantastic. Zonked later. Based on my experience today:

1. Even though there’s now a place to keep mobile phones (they’re not allowed inside unless you’re a delegate or a journo), it’s best to park close to the entrance and leave your phone there. Give the queue for reclaiming mobiles, you’re better off walking into the carpark to check for calls.

2. If you know what to watch, buy tickets well in advance, especially if the film is in Siri Fort 2, which has very little space. This applies to evening shows, and popular films (like Siddhartha, Little Buddha, Being Cyrus and Valley of Flowers). Don’t forget to grumble about lack of tickets whenever you’re near an organiser. I’d prefer it if they had had a day pass, or general tickets so you could squat in the aisles to watch a movie that you really wanted to.

3. Careful about the water – strange policy changes at the fest. Sometimes they allow water bottles in the auditoriums, and sometimes they don’t.

4. Based on my experience today, most of the Indian films are avoidable. Asian and Arab films seem to be much better.

The schedule is here

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