This is how we justify cheating…

Translated: “If you keep a child hungry, then it steals food. And simultaneously, it will learn a few other bad habits. That is the state of auto drivers in…think about it”

Well, that’s an admission of guilt, all right, and a fallacious justification for cheating. The auto rates in Delhi have been hiked, but are autowallahs really going to stop cheating? Or just going use it as a pretext for fleecing more money? How many of them actually have working meters or even go by it.

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  1. This is much the same in Chennai. Alright we’ll buy that auto drivers are getting a raw deal. If gossip is to be believed – most auto drivers do not own the vehicles. They rent them out for about Rs. 200-500 per day. Plus they have to pay for everything including maintenance. Does this mean they are getting a raw deal? Unlikely. What I suspect is that auto drivers have painted themselves as victims and hence convince themselves they are justified in fleecing the passenger. And oh guess what they say about who the real owners of most of the autos are (at least in Chennai)? The cops. 🙂 Figures don’t it?

  2. sorry Aditya, actually it should have been Navi – mumbai…
    See As u move on the harbour line towards panvel..
    the practuice becomes incresingly noticeable from Chembur onwards

  3. Fortunately, auto wallahs are very friendly in Ahmedabad and they
    have been following the meters for ages. It is rare to find an
    auto wallah who will refuse to go by meter! Aaha Ahmedabad! 🙂

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