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The Supreme Court seems to be the sole institution in this country that is still holding out against the misuse of power that representative democracy allows. I have no faith in the President who chose to sign the Office of Profit bill, and seems to be focused on leaving a legacy with the fantastic PR job that his team is doing. The media has its own compulsions of give and take, and they seem pick up a cause when there isn’t enough entertainment news or cricket to talk about.

Some observations made by the Supreme Court, courtesy IBNlive:

– Reservation cannot be permanent and appear to perpetrate backwardness.
– Nowhere in the world, castes queue to be branded as backward. Nowhere is there a competition to become backward.
– With this Act, the subject of the equality is unduly put under strain.
– What may have been the data in 1931 census, cannot be a determinative factor now.
– There is no explanation as to why there is no firm data for determining backwardness.
– Unless and until it is determined by the Centre who is socially and economically backward, this Act cannot really be given effect.

I believe that citizens should be treated equally under law, and while a socialist government’s job is to ensure that everyone gets equal access resources (by means of deployment of funds), forcing equalization upon a country by divisive means is not its mandate and is counter productive.
Worst comes to worst, I think every school and college that has received government funding should have 100 percent reservations, those who can pay back the government should be allowed to bail out, and schools set up with 100 percent private capital should have no reservations.

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While we’re on this topic, do check out the following user generated video for Voice from Pentagram’s new album “It’s Ok, It’s all good”, around the anti-reservations theme…

Some trivia: Pentagram’s manager Vijay Nair was (is?) a key member of Youth For Equality. He’s the co-founder of the label ‘Only Much Louder’.
Another one, for you limers: Vijay is Dunbarish’s brother.
Have been listening to this song all day today, and it makes it to my Indian Top 10. This is an ‘Anthem’, all right.

Download: You may download Voice by Pentagram here, courtesy Nokia.

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  1. The strange thing is, the song was linked to in the post…have only just separated it from the rest of the content. I guess nobody read the post carefully. Heh.

  2. thhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsssssssssssssssssssssssss bro. for the songggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
    there is meaning what i say

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