The truth about Paranthewali Gali – A Foodie Post

Harneet: What part of shut up do you not understand?
Nikhil: Neither.


Went to the famous Parathewali Gali at Chandni Chowk in Delhi, recently. Impromptu visits to such places have increased since we’ve ended up close to CP on quite a few occasions. The Delhi Metro has made things *very* convenient.

Paranthewali Gali had been reviewed in the Asian Age recently, and we decided to check it out. Previous visits to Chandni Chowk, the last was exactly a week ago, had been satisfactory – Aloo Tikki’s, followed up with Falooda from Fatehpuri. Let’s just say that this little job-hunting group of ours has become a foodie group, visiting many small joints in Delhi that serve great food. If you have any recommendations, let us know.

The entry to the Paranthewali Gali was via a narrow, crowded lane, a left just before a rather large transformer, the casing of which had been painted bright orange. Walk right in, and there are two paranthewala shops, both crowded. We sat, cramped, and waited for our meal. Orders varied from Paneer to Mixed to Rabri parantha. The sabzi was cold, and rather watery. After a long wait (it wasn’t even lunchtime – 4pm), the paranthas that were served to us were coarse, bland and absolutely tasteless. They made the sabzi’s taste good, though. So – the service was slow, food was pathetic, and given the rain, and the thin dirty streets, and the crowded little shop – the ambience sucked. We paid, we left, dissatisfied. Utkarsh and Nishant suckered David into following them to Jama Masjid. I played along. We ended up at Karim’s, and the food there more than made up for all the disappointment. I was going into the details of what we ate at Karim’s when Harneet told me to shut up.



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  1. Hmm…I think I’ll skip Haldirams…that’s like telling me that I must eat at McDonalds when I go to CP next. *grin*

    Haldiram outlets are quite common, and now- boring. There’s one across the road from my college @ Ring Road. What I dislike about them is that in the name of standardisation, they’ve cut down on what brought them fame – tasty food. IMHO, the only thing worth having there is the Raj Kachori.

    Heh…just realised that this is possibly the first time in three years of blogging that I’ve discussed food on the blog. (I think) 😛

    Jay – lol…watcha been upto, boyo. Last week of college begins today. Today’s presentation lasted a little over two and a half hours. What fun, you say? It was, actually. Going to miss making presentations.

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