The Rocktoberfest – Cafe Coffee Day messup

I wonder what they had in mind when Cafe Coffee Day decided to sponsor the Kingfisher Rocktoberfest. Looks like it someone in the marketing department who looked at his (or her, for you politically correct nitpickers) budgets and said – Hey, our expenditure on promotion is X amount short of what’s been budgeted, so let’s sponsor anything! Or was there a plan?

If the idea was to generate goodwill among rockers (like SF Jeans did with GIR), and increase footfall simultaneously, then it makes sense. Their target audience is primarily the youth, and sponsoring concerts would help.

But somebody in their marketing department wasn’t thinking. When I walked into the Cafe Coffee Day at Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar, I was promptly told that I’d have to purchase merchandise from CCD in order to get the “free” passes. I asked the chappie to define the word “free”. He claimed to have received an email that passes are only to be given away to customers who purchase merchandise. I coerced him into giving me passes, and left in a huff. On the RSJ Online Forum Post on Rocktoberfest, others have complained of similar problems. I really don’t mind paying money for a pass for a concert, but when you ask me to pay for something that’s supposed to be free, then I think I’m being cheated.

This is clearly a case of either someone in CCD not thinking, or being incredibly stupid, cause if anything, these instances have reduced their brand equity.


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