The N95

First up: the battery life sucks…rather – the phone sucks the life out of the battery. It lasts around a day with regular usage, and if you’re using GPRS (as I am trying to do now), forgetaboutit. Barely lasts half a day. The N95 8GB is supposed to have better battery life, but for a phone that’s supposed to be as good as this, they ignored a critical aspect
The phone takes a little getting used to – the keys for accepting and canceling calls are barely evident and a little too small. (mobile phones are all about thumbs, remember).
The GPS is pointless in India, but the WiFi feature is welcome. Strangely enough, for the music buff that I am, I haven’t quite taken to the music part of the phone. I still prefer my iPod.

The good thing is that since I’ve stuck to Nokia, I was able to transfer all my contacts from one phone to another (connected both to the PC via Bluetooth, and transferred via the PC). Unfortunately, though the N95 does have the option for a direct transfer from phone to phone, it didn’t work for me with the Nokia 3230.
My main reason for opting for the N95 was the 5 megapixel camera — I have this habit of clicking photos of signs (here’s my new signs blog, with the first photo taken with the N95). Works rather a little grainy at times, and the Sony Ericsson camera phones are decidedly better. Still, I’m used to a Nokia.

As usual, getting Airtel to activate GPRS was a real pain. What I don’t understand, is why they’ve blocked Twitter. Remember – GPRS doesn’t mean you have access to everything on the Internet. You’re still going through the operators pipe, and they can choose to block sites. But why block Twitter?

Any recommendations for mobile software? Already downloaded Gmail. No software for Google Reader and Calendar. Will be downloading Opera Mini and Mundu Radio, even though in Delhi, Edge is pretty slow for Mundu Radio.

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  1. 1. Agree on battery but strangely I have noticed that its battery life seems to have improved with a few charge cycles.

    2. That phone transfer feature also does not work with Nokia 6680. Downward compatibility issues in design?

    2b. Even when one can transfer, the contacts get formatted in a weird way so one has to correct them if one prefers first and last names to be separate, not lumped together..

    3. Photo quality is better than the 6680 which had a 1.5MP camera. Easier transfer with the mini-USB wire or wireless.

    4. Also agree key size is very small.

    5. Another MEGA GRIPE: They changed the charger interface into the phone. Earlier it was possible to go to someone’s house and charge your Nokia. This one has a thinner input jack and appears to be a cheap trick to make people buy accessories under duress!

    No recommendations alas!

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