the lull after the storm

It’s been a hectic month so far, spent mostly driving around the city trying to get a space that was ideal for our ContentSutra mixer in Delhi. In the end, we went with the Ambassador – partly because it among the few that available on the chosen date (this being the wedding season), and partly because Rafat was really keen on it. I had a few places in mind, but the key thing was that it had to be convenient for people coming from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and the airport…anything too Noida-ish would have made things difficult for the rest.


I remember very little of the mixer; only that I was very tired, happy and relieved at the turnout, and a little zonked. Also remember feeling a little uneasy (and blushing) when people in the audience applauded when my name was mentioned on stage. The main thing for me is that the mixer was useful for a lot of people…and not “just another party”. Before I forget, the last photo in the first row has three people who used to write for Parmesh, me and Sanjay Trehan (CEO of NDTV Convergence) ūüôā

Am off on a much needed vacation to the Phi Phi Islands on Monday with family friends. I’ll be back on the 2nd, and hopefully, the personal blog shall be updated more often in 2009. As Shekhar said yesterday, I’m becoming a little unidimensional, and talking shop too much…That has to change. Resolution for 2008: more personal time, more events. And yes – I shall read more fiction, and try to write some as well

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