The last fortnight…

The Bombay trip was hectic, though I did manage to get around four hours on Sunday to spend with family. Rest were spent either running around, updating on events from a cyber cafe, or attending events. Didn’t get much sleep either, and nor did I get time to meet friends. I still have a backlog of things to do, and don’t think I’m going to get time off for a while…

My favourite parts of the whole event route (IAMAI Digital Summit, Mobile Monday Delhi, 3GSM India, Mobile Monday Mumbai and ContentSutra Meetup Mumbai, all packed into five days) were the Q&A at Momo Delhi, the entire Momo Mumbai and the ContentSutra Meetup at the Hard Rock Cafe. Mahesh Murthy and Netra of Pinstorm were very helpful with venue suggestions.

There’s a reason why I found the Momo events more useful – it was informal, the audience was a part of the discussion, and real issues were discussed, no holds barred. I think I’d like to be involved in facilitating more of these free-wheeling discussions in the future – they help create awareness of possible solutions, and then the pros and cons of these solutions are analysed. As an outside observer, they offer more insight than an event. I’ll update with links to the momo posts tomorrow.

So far:

3GSM India

Day 1
Low ARPUs, Low Tariffs, Increase Teledensity And Pay Heavily For Spectrum
Buying The Value Chain, Repurposing And Chasing The Current Opportunity
Mobile TV Pricing Models, Usability
Monetizing Music For Class Tier-Two Towns
CRBT Friendly Music; Dual Delivery; Searching And Impulse Purchases
Casual Games, Payment Models, Billing Leakages And Embedded Games
Day 2
Off Portal; Marketing VAS; Operator Responds
Mobile Communities, Moderation And Monetization
Search – Branded Or Unbranded; GPRS, SMS And Voice
Numbers Vs Branding; Ideation Vacuum; Marketer Education

IAMAI Digital Summit

Day 1: Internet
Community Sites = Nightclubs? Credible? Education Napster
Uniform Code Of Conduct For E-Commerce, Exemption Handling;Contentivity
2007 Is the Year When Retailers Will Go Online
Advertorials Online; Search Marketing; Cutting Through The Clutter
Interconnection, Provocation, Bandwidth And Ecommerce Certification
Gaming And Collaboration, Web 3.0 And All About Having Fun
Day 2: Mobile
Mobile Marketing Challenges And Opportunities
Cross Media Promotions; Rural VAS Adoption; The Rural Consumer
Exclusives For Mobisodes; Info Critical For You; Pull Portals
Rs.4 Crores A Day; 2500 Merchants; SMS Vs GPRS

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  1. I know you are busy and all, but had a query I thought you could answer best.

    Am looking for footie blogs by Indians. Am sure 2-3 toh honge hi honge. Google and Blogger search is useless. Know of any? Or know where could I go looking?

    And why were you running to cyber cafes in Mumbai, can’t your employers spare their star correspondent a laptop or two !? 😛

  2. Footie blogs by Indians? I don’t know. Ask Pratyush Kaitan, who runs . Not a star, re. Still a noob. 🙂
    I still have to buy a laptop, digital camera and a digital audio recorder…problem is – none of us have the time.

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