The Headbutt

Via email and SMS, I’m told that Materazzi asked Zidane ‘Hum Chlormint Kyun Khaatein hain?’

Then there’s Materazzi who claims that he did not call Zidane a terrorist (ref: Zidane’s Algerian descent). The joke? Materazzi clarifies: “I’m ignorant. I don’t even know what the word (terrorist) means.”

It has also been claimed that this headbutt was more accurate. I still think that Zidane’s headbutt was beautiful, and didn’t impact the result as much as most people think. The game would have meandered towards a 1-1, imho, and Zidane’s sending off just made things a little difficult for the French. There’s no telling if they would have scored if Zidane hadn’t been sent off. And David Trezeguet would have still taken a penalty.

I think Zidane deserved the Golden Ball, and Materazzi the headbutt. Another rumour is that Materazzi insulted Zidane’s mother, who had been admitted to a hospital the morning of the game. Lots here. Fifa’s also investigating the incident, though I think it’ll probably be an eyewash. Materazzi or Zidane might get fined a few thousand dollars, less than a day’s wages for them. A good idea for Zidane would be to claim that Materazzi insulted Sepp Blatter’s wife and mother. Heh.

(From PPrune: Materazzi was heard muttering afterwards, “and his wife gives better head”)

Just in case you feel like headbutting Materazzi, go here. Or even if you feel like being Zidane. ūüôā

Or you can watch this tribute to Zizou:

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