The funny side of MixedBag in 2006

Well, I really need a couple of days off. Or twenty. Don’t really feel like doing one of those serious “Year in review” posts right now, so here’s a compilation of some of my funny, weird and/or tragicomic posts from 2006:


Post: What Dilli Haat would think of what I think of Dilli Haat if Dilli Haat could think

Bangalore Divides Them
– Funny Pic Meme – One, Two
Lifebuoy se nahao, nahih to shamshan jao

Overheard in Jaipur:
“I want to hold in me the heat of my combustion” – Vivek Narayanan, poet
“Children today are losing culture.” – several anonymous socialites, over two days.
“He’s like Jeeves.” – Jai Arjun Singh about Banwari, our ultra-efficient driver, pride of Jaipur.
“Men are a minority & humble around you” – a young lady man in the audience to Shobhaa De

Hair Raising Issues:

On my longish hair, which didn’t last long:
Dad: “The Einstein look went out of fashion long ago.”
Uncle: “You hair looks like that of Aishwarya Rai’s ex-boyfriend. That Oberoi chap.”
Sister: “I’ll talk to you only after you get a haircut.” Then looking at the grin on my face: ” No, wait! Just go get a haircut, man.”

Foot in mouth during cricket shows
“Mandira, it’s great to have you back on the show. I know they didn’t bring you in for the last few series but its great to have you back.” – Charu Sharma

At Home with Zero (Sept 16 2006)
While walking to the gig, we overheard one chap suggest that the gig could be washed out. The other patted his pocket and said “Toh kya hua? Idhar seh bhi pi lenge, aur udhar se bhi.” (We’ll drink from here (booze flask in pocket), and there (sky))

Delhi Floggers Meet
SquirtJet Printers or LeakaLot pens?
More useless fun
Iska Hum Kya Karen?
“Ducks are female” says Aishwarya
Quotable Quote from the World Cup
Movie Review: The Scream of the Ants by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Roz and the Schnoz (Frasier) and now accepting puns on my name
Hu is the President of China
I’ll be in Bombay later this month, and I intend to take a photograph of a signboard that says “Yahan par khada hona mana hain” (translated: standing here is prohibited).

Also, do read Jai’s year-end compilation of amusing comments on his blog. Aishwarya should probably do the same.

Hope you have an eventful and happy 2007. Have fun. 🙂

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  1. That Mahapyaar Sammelan gave me scary visions (you should try this envisioning – don’t try this at work though)…

    Several people sitting in a darkened (Sir Fort) auditorium

    A motivational speaker (complete with toupee) on a lit-up stage

    Many people snoring in response to boring, long Powerpoint presentations

    Some trying to get out 5 min before the obligatory tea-coffee session to beat others to the samosa queue

    The auditorium empty at 4 pm as most rush to beat the rush and get home early..

    Is this what happened? I am sorry it has been so long I don’t know what passes for advanced, modern thinking in India now..

  2. Thats a much better template now 🙂 why dont you make the centre column also scalable so that it occupies the screen in higher resolutions also.

    Ohh and a happy new year to you.. when are you coming to Bombay? FLS meet and all that?

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