The Economics of you-know-what

I’ve been composing a post – the structure, the arguments for and against, the stats, the macro-economic implications, the impact on productivity – primarily from an economics perspective, on Reservations. This post is supposed to be a response to Annie‘s post on the myth of merit at How the Other Half Lives. Bits of my response have already been composed, but I’m unable to get the time to search for and analyse the data to make an argument that is final according to me.

Now I find that a few of my arguments and concerns have already been expressed in a very lucid manner by Atanu Dey at The Indian Economy blog. Here’s another one. And another. There’s more promised and I’m looking forward to it.

Also, it seems that the Delhi Government is already taking remedial steps to address the demand-supply gap in this City. Better late than too late. Now that the schools have been addressed, please also attend to colleges. Delhi sees a mass exodus of students to Karnataka and Maharashtra because of this demand supply gap.

Youth 4 Equality have moved to their own website. I prefer the blogpost blog.

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  1. A rumour. I think such rumours are counterproductive, and I wouldn’t put it beyond some people (including the media) to discredit those opposed to reservations, subtle attempts at which I have increasingly noticed.

    As it is, there has been a marked reduction in coverage, even as the protests have gained in momentum. The consequence of this is an in the perception that things are calming down, whereas the exact opposite has happened. Protests across several cities have been ignored by the media.

    A friend in the media tells me that unless something drastic happens, airtime is going to reduce. Rumours of a media gag are denied, but I get the impression that the government has asked the media to play it down, but not cut it out.

    AdityaM posted an interesting comparison.

    Just wondering – is there a 49-0 provision in the constitution, or is it just a rumour?

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