The Day He Died – 55 word meme

The Day He Died

Hatred dripped from her eyes as she relived the atrocities, the humiliation. I shouldn’t have asked. She wiped the tears and sighed. Strangely, a smug smile then formed on her lips as she looked away, avoiding my questioning eyes.

“Of course I forgave him,” she said. “That’s what you do when people die.”


This is for the 55 word flash fiction meme. What do you think she’s thinking?

I’m still trying to tweak this, but I have a concert to go to now. Weekend’s are so precious.

Incidentally, in case anyone has any submits for Motif (, please do send ’em across.

I hereby tag Finch, Rhymebawd and Harneet. And everyone else who wants to give this a shot. ūüėÄ


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