The Battle of the Ad Blogs

The first ad-blog I got addicted to was Ad Rants, around four years ago. While I was never interested in American Football, the Superbowl advertisements are something else- probably the best advertising in the world originate during the Superbowl. Advertising-wise, I used to call ODI series featuring India as the Superbowl of Indian Advertising, but since we have ODI’s every other day, that’s now changed. Ad Rants allowed me to watch Superbowl advertising, though ad watching has waned over the last year. MarketingVox was another site I used to frequent.

Advertising blogs also work as a filter, letting you see some of the most entertaining advertising. AdRants, in particular, also used to diss bad advertising frequently. Here are some interesting advertising/marketing blogs that I have seen before:

Ad Rants (see this marketing tactic)
Creative Criminal (Indian Adverblog)
Adverbox (A John McEnroe Advert)
The Spunker
Marketing Vox (marketing)
AdHurl ( Superbowl Adverts)
AdJab (a collaborative Adverblog)
Fast Company (marketing)
Commercial Break (Indian Adverblog)

You may also vote at the Battle of the Ad Blogs.

If you know of any Indian marketing/advertising blogs, tell me.

Superbowl ads are available here.


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