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Am helping organize the second Mobile Monday event in Delhi – MoMoDelhi – but wont be able to attend since I’m going to be in Bombay, covering the 3G-GSM conference (and attending the FLS Reunion :D). There will be time…if you’re keen on the mobile business or tech, sign up here.

From the last event:


Too many tech events: the IAMAI Digital Summit on the 18th and 19th, on the 20th and 21st, MomoDelhi on the 20th and the 3G-GSM Summit on the 22nd and 23rd. I’m covering the first and the last in this list.

Jaipur Literature Festival

Ideally, I’d have preferred to spend a couple of lazy days in Jaipur, listening to people talk about books, writers and writing, and overhearing strange comments; perhaps start writing fiction again. Maybe get my copy of Ravan & Eddie signed by Kiran Nagarkar…*sigh*

Some of the speakers: Salman Rushdie, William Dalrymple, Suketu Mehta, Kiran Nagarkar, Amit Chaudhuri. Details here.
If you’ve got the time – the Jaipur Fest is highly recco’ed. Jai, Chandrahas and I had gone last year and had a wonderful time. Mita is a wonderful hostess, though she did seem very strict when it was time for the sessions to begin. Hope she’ll put up podcasts of the sessions…
From last year: Photos, More photos, Quotes, and from Jai:There and back again, Vivek Narayanan, Performance Poetry, Anita Roy, storytelling for children

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To Do

1. Zoom in on some categories. Currently being considered: Events, Music, Books, Trends, Social Media, Theatre, Advertising, Marketing, Stock Markets, Companies, Politics…well, that’s the problem when you tend to opine on everything. Oh, and Crazitivity for all the mock interviews and the ideation exercises. 😀
Open to suggestions, though.

2. Create a new design. I love the design of Sramana Mitra‘s site, but will do something like that without images.

3. Categorise old, transferred posts, and clean up a little. Add images where there are none now…lots of work.

more later…

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