Switching to DTH, Tata Sky and Customer Service

Well, I’ve been severely critical of a few companies on this blog in the past, but I guess it’s time to give credit where it is really due.

We switch to DTH yesterday, in spite of our area not being CAS notified: there were only three channels on cable worth watching; English channels (including some sports ones) were last on the priority list, and were often replaced with others. Picture quality sucked as well. No History Channel, no BBC, no CNN, and as I’ve mentioned before – several English channels were shown in Hindi. Requests for the above channels, for changes in language were blamed on  the distributor – Siti Cable. They had what I call a neighborhood monopoly.

So, the chap from the Tata Sky distributor came within a day of the phone request, was most courteous and left his number offering to help in case there is any issue – and that offer seemed most genuine. Within a few hours, the chaps came for installation – but I had work, so I requested them to come the next day at 11am. They were here on the dot at 11 am, and in blistering heat (46 degrees celcuis, and in the sun), put up with my finicky-ness regarding wiring, and in spite of some changes and censure, remain courteous throughout. After four hours of wiring, they set up the DTH, and offered a few basic instructions, including one I didn’t need: grin button se yeh apne aap hindi mein bolne lagegi (using the green button, she will start talking in Hindi).
The feedback from others on the installation from Tata Sky was just as good – that they’re courteous and most professional – and I’d love to know about their distribution pattern and the checks and balances they have in place. Also – who’s handling the training? The only problem we’ve had has been with the IVRS for registration.

Jagdish Khattar, MD of Maruti said on TV recently that their service people sell more cars than their sales people. Tata Indicom, where the experience hasn’t been as spiffy (major gap between promises and delivery, even though the management team that scans blogs has been most helpful), could take a leaf out of Tata Sky’s book.

Now, post purchase and installation, the real test for Tata Sky begins. And we stay next to the Delhi ridge, with frequent visits from destructive monkeys.

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  1. Well, looks like you got the actual Tata folks to run the ops rather than third party (or ex-VSNL in the case of Indicom). When Tata does stuff themselves, they’re on the ball; when they outsource it, it sucks the donkey’s testicles 🙁

    We’ve taken set-top box+cable (IN Cablenet). So far it is ok, the software is slightly buggy but nothing that doesn’t set right in one restart.

  2. Not sure – from what I gathered, the Tata Sky chaps who came over are franchisees. CAS (which is what you’ve taken) was never a option for us. Have had enough of the useless cablewallah.

  3. Our cablewalla was useless too, but took the chance that In CableNet would spruce up their act when faced with competition; and they did. Worst case, we’d have to return our STB and get satellite; not sure you can do that without losing money with Tata/Dish.

  4. Just curious – how much do you guys pay a month? What upstream and downstream speeds? Is there a set-up fee of any sorts? Is the ‘support’/ ‘complaints’/ ‘status’ line number free to call or paid (if paid, how much per minute)?

  5. Shefaly – 599 per month, 1GB through the day, nights (0000 through 0800) unlimited. Max speed sen so far, 175 kbps while downloading. MTNL’s TriBand.

  6. Ha… Yesterday I spent 12 minutes and 56 seconds paid STD call to get my account recharged. The IVRS does not record the correct key strokes. I had to make three calls. First call IVR confirmation did not work, then called them again and spoke to an executive. She asked me to enter the digits while she is online. After I did whatever I was asked to, I got a confirmation that my account is recharged with 1220 Rs. while It should be 550 or 590. The call got disconnected. During the second call, I was told that the number has been used to activate some other service. During the third call the guy asked me to send the recharge coupon to Bangalore office.
    After three calls, I asked them the procedure to discontinue the service. The executive didn’t had answer for that.

    One thing the customers should note is that the Helpline numbers are NOT toll free numbers.

  7. That’s really nice that you received good service. I didn’t have the best of services from Tata Sky, unfortunately… I believe it was due to the overload of requests? 🙁 Perhaps I jumped on the bandwagon along with too many other people.

  8. Tata sky customer service has me raving about it. i have traditionally had nightmares about customer service people with their behaviour. But tatasky people were too good. Very polite as well as helpfull. the tata sky installation was very smooth and easy.

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