Sunday Morning

(Wrote this today morning, while my connection was down)

It’s 7:30 AM on a Sunday Morning, and my net connection is down. However, I’m not surprised: it’s raining outside, and Sify religiously shuts down with every drizzle.

It’s a drizzle, all right. It rained throughout the night, and now we’re served just a sprinking of drops. The grass in my garden looks lush, and somewhat relieved. Little white flowers drop off the ***** bush, whenever a drop hits it. The partly muddy kiari beneath it is carpeted with several such flowers. To the left, outside my window, the only flowering tree in my garden refuses to let go, but every now and then a sparrow flutters in to shield itself from the rain, and inadvertently knocks a flower off. There is no sunshine, yet the weather is wholesome, and graceful in its waterladen machination.

On cue, from the apartment diagonally across mine, Loud Aunt makes her presence felt. My nieces are over, and she’s in her verandah-balcony, just as I am in my verandah. Only, she’s bent on not allowing the meandering pace of the morning slow her down: Loud, childlike sounds and words of encouragement in partly incomprehensible tongue follow, and she talks to the twins who still not comfortable with speech. Word after word of encouragement follows, and I look helplessly at my father. He is reading some article in the Slimes, headlined ‘Think Big’. “It’s on God”, he says. “You should read this”. “Yeah, Dad. Will do, when I’m sixty. Please keep it aside for me.” Dad chuckles; reads on. Suddenly, a louder note from above makes me jump. Followed by another, slightly lower note. Loud Aunt suggested something loudly (what did you expect?), and one of the twins responded almost as loudly. If you’re within a radius of a couple of kilometres, you’ve probably been woken up, or spilt your cuppa. Then the other twin follows suit- shrill and lethal for sleepiness. Dammit – they’re being trained!


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