Subliminal processes at work? Sure hope not.

Rhymebawd: we’d rather meet eco-ji for a chai and sutta

Nikhil: So would we, but whatever’s available, will do

Rhymebawd: ask him… what’s the harm? 😀

Nikhil: well..we don’t know if its a press conference or not. If so, we’re not allowed because we don’t iron

Nikhil: there’s also a concert tonight. And a caferati read meet on Sunday. And a Delhi Bloggers Meet on Saturday

Rhymebawd: baba re… busy weekend
Rhymebawd: concerts… how are they… musically?

Nikhil: live music is great fun if you’re not going to critique their performance. Just deadbang and go crazy

Nikhil: headhang, I mean

Rhymebawd: haha

Nikhil: aaargh…Headbang

Rhymebawd: rofl

Nikhil: I know!

Rhymebawd: if you’re banging the dead, you should hang you head in shame, so yes… nothing strange there 😛
A new asterix title! “asterix and the falling sky”


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  1. i suggest you go in for deadbanging, seeing as its the only way you are gonna get any :p And no i do not speak from experience. *-)

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