Still with Cinefan

Today was disappointing. I think I should now go through storylines before selecting films, though I’d hate killing the suspense. Sadly, Dosar was sold out by the time I reached, and I settled for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring Again, which was visually very appealing. Hardly a dialogue in the film. Unfortunately, it was Buddhist, and hence too moralistic and biased. But the Next was the first ever movie out of Saudi Arabia, Today and Tomorrow. Very Hindi movie-like, but the directors explanation greatly lowered my expectations, hence it was only a little disappointing. Couldn’t even leave early because I, by mistake, sat next to all the delegates, and I thought it would be rude to get up in between. Also didn’t help that the gentleman to my left, an Arab VIP, kept laughing at all the jokes, some of which I didn’t get, and kept looking at me, expecting me to laugh as well. Met Rohit, Amitava, Deepan and Priya. Last was Grain-in-ear, which was slow and seemed pointless until the end. Should have watched the Stanley Kwan film instead. Reviews tomorrow.

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