Some Indian Rock Music Available For Download

The new stuff:

1. Menwhopause have uploaded an album for download at The Pirates Bay, here. This is similar to what TAAQ did, and I kinda hope it catches on and more bands upload their music. I’m skeptical about most Indian rock music, but if I like it – I always buy the CD.
You shouldn’t have a problem downloading the Menwhopause album cause I’ll be seeding it. Will comment on it after I hear the music.

2. Indus Creed/Rock Machine:
Sid Achrekar of long defunct band Colourblind has uploaded music by Indus Creed/Rock Machine for download, here.

Indian Rock Music available for download (some posts, some links):
Them Clones
MP3’s at RSJ Online
MP3’s at Split Magazine

Also, just noticed that the Motherjane site has switched to Flash, and have removed the demo singles. Bah. The Skinny Alley site has turned bright yellow and is being redesigned. Zero’s new site is also in Flash. Why this fascination with Flash?

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  1. You can’t link to the content on most flash-based sites. I don’t understand why people go to the trouble of creating a site if no body can use it.

  2. Warier: Glad to help. Still haven’t had the time to hear it though. All the best…do let the radio stations know about this.

    Ankit: Yeah, that’s why it doesn’t make sense to me. Btw, have you seen slideshare?

  3. heya nikhil dis is anish wahi

    saw d link of ur blog in the hindustan times interview and decided 2 visit it

    well i also own a visit it n plzzzzz tell hows it and plz klik on d ads n also give me some tips 2 make it bettr

  4. hey nikhil…. thx for posting indus creed buddy….

    do u have any songs by gary lawyer????

    it wud be cool if u post some…

    thx anyways

  5. I like TAAQ very much and love the lead singer the most.I think I need to catch up with a lot of the indie music 🙂

    Btw can’t believe it when you say that they came to play in Delhi 🙂

    – Rajan

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