So, will you try this at home?


The song – Thunder by AC/DC (thanks Shyam).

I think I’ll try this.

Immediately makes me think of The Tipping Point. YouTube, Google videos, the online videos space has created this craze. As this becomes more and more popular, more people will want to try it at home, maybe repeatedly. A chain reaction. The question is – will this impact sales of Diet Cola and Mentos? Looks like it takes quite a few attempts before one gets it right.

Nevertheless, it is crazy, and it looks like it’s great fun. I first came across this at Marginal Post.

Aditya adds, after googling: a whole roll of Mentos, (13 candies) dropped into a bottle of room temperature Diet Coke will produce about an 18 foot eruption.

So, will you try this at home? Mind you, it ain’t easy. Difficult to get the cap closed, and then you have to get the angle right….but looks like it’s worth the effort. Heh.

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