Skinny Alley at The Garden of Five Senses

First gig in…three months, I guess. Last that I remember was the last day of GIR, waaay back in Feb. I’ve missed quite a few good gigs since then cause, well, didn’t feel like going alone, and the usual suspects no longer want to go for gigs. Went alone for the Skinny Alley gig to The Garden of Five Senses, though.

Perhaps an indication that I overdid the gigs last year is I didn’t think yesterday’s gig at was that great. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I really enjoyed an entire gig. Yesterday, I felt that Jayashree’s voice was a little off- the pitch was little high; Jefferey Menzes and Gyan were in fine form, and Amit Datta was great, as usual. In fact, in the middle Amit even donned a cowboy hat and played a nice tune on the acoustic. Fortunately (or unfortunately), he didn’t sing. 😀

Prospect (and Isheeta) had done a professional job, as always – open air, adequate seating, lovely location, and enough signboards to guide us to the gig. There was even someone stationed at the gate to tell us how to get to the gig. If I have any grouse – it is that The Garden of Five Senses is almost 30km from my house. The gig went off without a hitch. This was a part of the At Home series, which features Indian rock groups playing only/mostly original sets. I’d missed TAAQ at India Habitat Center a few months ago.

Unfortunately, though Skinny Alley have great skill their original songs aren’t as good as the covers they usually do. And I’m not just saying this because I’m familiar with the covers, and not with their originals. They mostly do Steely Dan covers, and I’ve not heard Steely Dan. Also, I’ve heard the Skinny Alley originals thrice now, and I think their songwriting isn’t up to the mark. I mean – I really don’t want to hear a song called “Child Bride”, or “Little Sister” about sibling rivalry. I can almost hear Jayashree sing ‘Child Bride’. Cringe. Their lyrics just don’t fit their sound. At the end, they played ‘Green Earring’ by Steely Dan, which rounded off an enjoyable evening…I may criticise their music, but I did like it. 🙂

Thankfully, this time they’d brought CD’s, and I picked up one. Heard it last night, and found it a little disappointing because the songs on the disk are too soft for my liking – soft particularly on the drums and lead guitars. Live, the drums and the lead guitar is much louder and audible, and Amit Datta gets more airtime with his solos. Jayashree sounds better on CD, though.

Link from the blogger formerly known as codey: K was also there and had a better time than I did.

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  1. hmm. read this and remembered that i didn’t call you back, that day. had left my phone at home, by mistake.

    ~ harneet

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