Sin City

In one word – Slick.

The storyline wasn’t unexpected – the movie was going to be full of crime. I’ve never heard of Frank Miller, but with Robert Rodriguez co-directing Sin City, I’d expected plenty of one liners, magazines of bullets and truckloads of action.

I love it when a movie has stories that run parallel to each other, and everything falls into place in the end. Much like Pulp fiction. You can read plot summaries here.

The dialogues are witty, often tongue in cheek.There’s hardly a moment in the movie where you get time to catch your breath. You’re involved, every second. Which is why its a movie that I would recommend you either watch alone, or without me – I have this (often irritating) habit of making ludicrous predictions of what is about to happen. Not always, though. Anyhoo, I was involved with the movie, completely oblivious to the surroundings.

What I loved about the movie was the picturisation – I loved the fact that it was in black and white, and occasionally they raised the contrast to give it that graphic novel sort of feel. Like white rain that looks like acid. There was colour, but used to great effect.

Given the language, the violence and the occasional nudity, it’s unlikely to hit Indian theatres. Nonetheless – it’s a must watch.

I watched the movie a week ago. I think I’ll watch it again, and add to this review. Shwe – Which scene was directed by Tarantino?


Another thing I forgot to mention – Elijah Wood’s role is forgettable. He looks out of place – like a ‘pretty boy’ in a jail cell. He just wasn’t as extreme a figure (contrast with Micky Rourke as Marv) to make an impression. Alternatively, he did stand out. His goggles were bright white, which stood out and looked cool.

Bruce Willis looked as if he’d walked out of Last Man Standing’s sets and into this one. Same sore-throated drone, same cynical attitude. Just older and a different attire.

Micky Rourke as Marv (how did they manage to make him look like this?) was the stand out character – much like Hulk on rampage, although with a little more tact.

Clive Owen was excellent as Dwight, a sort of knight in detective garb role. Street smart, risk taking and lucky as hell.

Shades of a James Hadlee Chase novel, this movie. I’d give it 10/10 for entertainment. For once, I didn’t nitpick, so you can imagine how much I liked it, eh? More later… 😀


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  1. I haven’t seen the movie, I keep hoping they will release it here, and at any rate, am waiting for the DVD. But friends told me that Tarantino directed the scene where Dwight and Jackie Boy are in the car. If I am not mistaken, this is towards the end? It was also reported that Tarantino was very impressed with Clive Owen, on the whole.

  2. There are two sequences with Jackie Boy and Dwight in the car- the action sequence and the psycho horror bit. Neither were Tarantino good, imho. Not towards the end.

    Hmm…not sure. Will watch the movie again 😛

  3. Oh, and – my sis had preordered the Harry Potter book. She went to collect it at 9:30am and asked the shopkeeper why there wasn’t much a crowd. She says she felt like a loser when the chappie said that she should have seen the line at 6am 😛

    The funniest thing I heard today was on Star News, 15 min ago. In hindi, the anchor spoke about the book that has udte hue jhaaroo. ROFL

  4. Hahahaha. Yes, I am halfway into the book, at the moment. It is a good book. Better in some ways than the fifth, which was badly-edited and had her on at large for seven hundred odd pages. Well, old habits die hard, seeing as this one is 600 pages long, and I feel that there are many passages that are unwanted, even wooden.

    But maybe that is just the editor in me speaking?

    Or maybe I am outgrowing a phase. Which can only be a good thing. Am itching to read Fanny and Zooey by JD Salinger, and if it wasn’t for the fact that reading the Potter book is such a blanket phenomenon at the moment (I hate being “left out” of important book days), I would have left it half-finished and grabbed the Salinger one.

    Weird. But thus far, pretty nice.

  5. Tarantino definately did some car scene, don’t know who was in it.

    Am still waiting for it to release here, a while back I read that some Indian distributor did pick it up. But I don’t think I’ll hold out much longer now…

    Oh, and finished HBP… Good book, but all in all I find that it is a setup for the 7th, which makes you mad ‘coz you just know it’s going to be years before you find out what’s happening next…

  6. Well you know AE, I would put certain mainstream books in the league of pornography 😛 Siddharth Sanghvi’s The Last Song of Dusk? It is barfworthy, it will make you laugh till you gag.

  7. I haven’t read any HP books, but I have seen the movies. I haven’t the patience for reading anymore. As of now, I’m finding it difficult to finish reading even short stories. 🙁

  8. “his goggles were bright white…”
    i don’t think they were ‘goggles’. he was wearing glasses. the white was to indicate the light reflecting off of them. since it’s a frame-by-frame adaptation of the comics it was probably done in the same way it would have been sketched.

    other than that, its crazy. each and every frame of the movie i try and recount comes back to me in a monochromous image. it was almost as i had read the original comics and not seen the movie. great stuff!

  9. Amazing movie..
    Saw it last weekend all by myself and was just blown away.
    It has this amazing streak of humour in all that bloodshed that was amazing.
    Really loved it.

    Also i liked the way all 4 stories were running parallel. Would have loved it better if they all were more interconnected.

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