SF Writing and Ess Eff Jeans, all over again?

Saw a poster about a seminar on Science Fiction Writing at Kirori Mal College tomorrow at 12pm. It’s either a seminar or a writing competition (the poster just said ‘Science Fiction Writing’). I’m game for both. If you’re around, or interested, or planning to go, mail me. I wouldn’t mind company.

Walked into a Numero Uno Jeans store in Kamla Nagar to pick up passes for the Numero Uno Rock Out 2005. We were supposed to try a pair of jeans before being given a free pass, but the store was crowded, and I guess we didnt look particularly interested in purchasing jeans, so the owner just gave us the passes. Bright yellow passes, this time, and it’s RSJ yet again. If Delhi’s rocked more than any other city this last year, it’s because of Amit Saigal, Sam Lall and Shivangi.

The last time a denim brand sponsored a rock concert in Delhi was the Great Indian Rock 2005, in Feb, and I’m reminded now of something that had us almost rolling on the floor with laughter – the Ess Eff Jeans man. All about him and a few other caricatures in Sideshow Bubba, one of my first few posts on this blog.

Will this coming Sunday provide similar entertainment? Only time will tell. Anyhoo, if you’re in Delhi and interested in going – the details are here.

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  1. well i took da passes frm kamla nagar as well, widout tryin… it wsnt crowded or anythin, but i suppose the guy at the outlet was more sensible than the sponsors…

    anyhow, it dosnt matter who the sponsor is.. i remember last years’ levis’ headbands at GIR… that ppl actually put on(lol)… but its all cool, as long as the show is on!!

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