Scruples, anyone?

I just learnt, on returning from ‘Sci-Fi Writing at KMC’, that a teacher in my college is using a presentation that I had made, and claiming that it is hers. One of my group members had show it to her; this is the presentation on how Anil Ambani used power, politics and influence to win the media war against his brother Mukesh. The article/paper that I am working on suggests a theory on the same issue. Whether someone else has suggested it before or now, I’m not aware. Another teacher, my favourite teacher in fact, also shows the same presentation in other colleges but gives ‘us’, the group, due credit. I’m probably going to college on Saturday to face the teacher without scruples.

While it wouldn’t be fair for me to claim that I had made it myself, the entire ideation was mine. The rest of the group just didn’t understand it, in spite of my best attempts, and they did the data collection while I structured the entire thing. What probably saved us was that a few slides into the presentation, the teacher told us that this was just too good and she had no further questions. She hasn’t stopped telling every other teacher about this ‘wonderful presentation’, and I’ve had to present it to many a teacher after that. Till Saturday, then. Oh and, I’m not yet a graduate – I haven’t got my degree yet. I have my grade transcripts, a nice and even 4.0 GPA, but no degree yet.

News sure travels fast. I’d told the student who had called to inform me that I’ll have a word with the teacher on Saturday, which was when she was going to be in college next. It has now been clarified that the teacher had taken the first few slides as an example of ‘conflict’, and the last few as ‘resolution of conflict’. The best part, which was not explicitly explained on the slides, was not used.

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