Saif Ali Khan rocks?

From: Saif Ali Khan makes it large

Come December 18 and the Chhote Nawab will enthrall audiences with his maiden guitar performance in the Capital…

…On D-Day, Saif will join Delhi rock band Parikrama at Mittal Gardens. He will play Guns n Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine , Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger , besides a few others. “We’re really looking forward to playing out and out rock’n’roll at the concert,” says Parikrama’s Subir Malik.

Note to self #1: Remember to stay away from this, unless someone actually pays you to review it. Ha ha, fat chance of that happening. Parikrama were terrible at Lady Irwin College.

Hmm…didn’t put up that review on the blog. It’s there somewhere. will find it.

Anyway, here’s more from Saif:

“I don’t mean to sound pompous but I can confidently tell you that no one in this film industry can pretend to play the guitar on stage and be a rock star better than me. That’s because I know the nuances involved with that performance, like tuning while playing. This is something only someone who knows the instrument will do. That lends so much credibility”


Just got back home to catch Man Utd one down against West Ham Utd. Damn. Incidentally, Grandmom looked a little confused when I walked in. Had been away for little over two hours, and returned, for once, before everyone else was asleep. Grandmom, with not a hint of sarcasm, asked: Nahih gaya? (Translated – you didn’t go out?)

Note to self #2: Should come home earlier more often.

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