Roz and the Schnoz (Frasier) and now accepting puns on my name

“We couldn’t get a straight take, it’s wonderful that way.”

Roz and the Schnoz is the punniest episode of Frasier, which is why it’s among my all time favourites. The plot: Roz is pregnant with the child of her boy-toy, and though they’ve split, his parents (Paula and Steve) want to meet her. They come over to Frasier’s place, and both of them have a very very large beaks. The boy-toy had had a nose job. Several puns and jokes on the nose follow. Samples:

Paula: You know, Steve and I went to that a few years ago. We just love dogs! We have two giant Schnauzers.
Paula: Yeah, I’m just a little nervous. I hear the Parisians can be kinda snooty.
Steve: [o.s., re: quiche] Mmmm, what’s that I smell?
Martin: [whispering] Probably Japan!

Read the script here. I suggest you begin from the middle, when Paula and Steve enter. Nothing in YouTube, sorry, but you may buy the DVD and get me my first referral cent, heh. This goes up on my wishlist when I create one.

Also, look at what tops the list in this Amazon search for Frasier: The Fifth Season. Heh…Which reminds me – searched for Frasier at Palika, but they all tried to offer porn titled Fresher. No M*A*S*H either. I switched entirely to the News/CNBC/VH1 combo once Star World took Frasier off the air, preseason.

Other all time favourite shows: M*A*S*H (not the movie, though), Whose Line is it Anyway, The Drew Carey Show, Seinfeld, The Simpsons. Is there a trend? I never liked Everybody Loves Raymond. While on comedy, Russell Peters will be in Delhi in September-October…I’ll put up the details as soon as they’re announced.


While on puns, I’m sure you’ll agree that my name (pronounced Pa-wa with a hint of an h) is very punny. So far:

1. ‘I’ve got the Pahwa’: Began in school, in 10th, when some showed signs of rudimentary intelligence and bad taste in music. I used to react quite often when some of the classmates said “I’ve got the Pahwa”, but that was because none of the girls ever said it, and to prevent any rumours – the guys never got the Pahwa. After a while, I stopped reacting and they ran out of ideas.

2. Powwa: Next, a gregarious teacher in school came up with ‘powwa’ which is collquial for a quarter of alcohol. I think I was, for once, sleeping on the last bench. Powwa became very popular, and it gave the guys much to act drunk about. It spread to the rest of the school and someone even once asked a group I was with, who powwa is, much to everybodys delight.

3. Poha/Powa: College in Pune added another pun to the list though, surprisingly enough, no one used any pun to my face there. One usually expects the opposite in a hostel. Not that I scared them, but by then I had developed a reputation for wordplay myself… Of all the puns, this was perhaps the least intelligent.

4. Ravi came with phrases with the ‘power’ connotation one bored afternoon, a couple of years ago – I’ve got the Pahwa, Pahwaful and, as a ganglord from Delhi – Vulgar Display of Pahwa [context]. He kept apologising, expecting me to feel bad. Quite the opposite – I was laughing. 😀


The world seems to have run out of puns on my name, or so I think. Prove me wrong. To some, this is asking for trouble…I’m looking for a possible tagline for my blog. 😀

So far: I’ve got the Pahwa, Vulgar Display of Pahwa, Pahwarotti – a tenor.

P.s.: Both parts of this post owe their existence to Shekhar. He’s been repeating old jokes on Pahwa, and asked me to search for Frasier DVD’s…which I intend to buy for myself too

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  1. no. apologise more. put some more beg into it.

    another thing. if you like, you can borrow my frasier and seinfeld dvds (i have the first season) while i am off studying. the quid pro quo? you might have to shelter my bike while i am gone. think. or, indeed, thwim.

  2. you obviously cannot have enough of yourself, mr. pahwa.

    and shekhar, can i ride your bike while you are gone if i promise to personally hand-wash it every weekend?

    ~ harneet

  3. handwash? kuch bhi bolta hain.

    get real, man. there is the wet wipe, the soap wash, the rinse, the petrol wash for the engine, the wiping dry, the buffing and polishing. only then can the bike be deemed clean.

    also, needless to mention, a toothbrush accompanies the petrol wash. so that you can scour away the grease in even those hard to reach places. you also have to keep a small screwdriver handy to pull away any embedded pebbles in the treads, tighten loose nuts and bolts…

    the reason i am willing to leave the bike with nixxin is that he has agreed to do all of the above once a week.


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