Rolling Stone Magazine To Be Launched In India

Well, you’re reading it here first: The Rolling Stone magazine is on its way to India, being launched in collaboration with MW.Com India Private Limited, the Mahindra backed company that publishes Man’s World Magazine.

I don’t know when Rolling Stone will be launched, or even if they will have an India specific website, or even India specific content. I know of one guy who should be writing for Rolling Stone in India – Ravi Balakrishnan – he should be the editor, really. Don’t think he’s willing to give up on his Cannes trips, though.

I’m not sure how this will affect the likes of Rock Street Journal, India’s grand old Rock magazine, since that is more of an events management company than a magazine, really.

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  1. planning some concerts, so need details about india office so that rolling stone can be associated with the concerts….pls provide us

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