Rockstar Supernova: Lithium by Dilana

Wow. Really – WOW.

Buckle up. Turn up the volume.

Haven’t ever heard a performance that was so in sync, both in spirit and sound to the original…not as raw as the original…more sinister…but MAN that rocked…goose pimples and feel like headbanging and jumping up and down….wish I was in the crowd…Rockstar Supernova rocks. (Thanks R, for the recco)

So, now I get the same intuition about Dilana as I did about J.D. Fortune whose original composition ‘Pretty Vegas’ for Rockstar INXS is better than any he’s composed with INXS. Afterglow comes close, but this is the best: it just me or does that kickass Pretty Vegas performance pale in comparison with Dilana’s Lithium?

In comparison, American Idol is a snorefest.

(Please: Could somebody (Harneet? Bewra Kekra?) please send me a reminder before the next show…Like during Rockstar INXS, I tend to forget to watch the show and then have to wait for reruns)

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  1. first impression – too gimmicky. but so was jd. still it does not feel the same. i’ll have to check out the competition before i decide on my favorite.


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