Recommended: Fractal by Des Smith

In the right column, I’ve compiled a list of magazines that I like to visit every now and then, to get my fill of literature and art. Do take a look. I surfed into , hoping that after over a year of no updates, there’d be one. My favourite section of TWC is Fractal by Des Smith.

Fractal is a column of short-shorts, or commonly referred to as Flash Fiction. 5 minutes, max of reading. The thing about Des’ writing is, that you’re usually caught off guard. I recommend that you check the following links out, but I must warn you – they’re not for the faint hearted:

Fractal (better than going from the main URL)
Darkside (Des’ homepage. Doesn’t seem to be working right now)
A short story at Danse Macabre (the page is full of posts, so I suggest you search for ‘The Cult’ by ‘The Darkside’)

• Lastly, here are links to Des’ most famous poem, The Legend of Razor Blade Lizzie – Parts 1, 2 and 3.


Also, if you click on ‘July 2004′ in the Archives’ section of the right column of this blog, you’ll be taken to a page that has all that I’ve ever written. Everything that’s been completed, anyway. I didn’t realise how much I’ve written over the years until I compiled this yesterday, and while I was reading some of the stuff, I felt that my style was a little blasé in the longer stories, and plots became predictable towards the end. I think I’ll embrace the Absurdist genre – a lot more fun. A lot more freedom to do absolutely crazy things like Cafe Sunrise and Release.


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  1. Hi Nikhil,

    How are you? Des here. As someone who used to enjoy my work was wondering if you might be interested in casting your eye over a comedy script I have just completed that may have a pilot filmed soon?

    Still at if you receive this.

    All the best

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