Quotable Quote

Hrush, over at the Cleartrip blog says:

‘Reminds me of something John Doerr said to the folks at the Cleartrip office–“To ask permission is to seek denial.”‘

I’m seeking permission for sumfin today. Last time, standing in line, I’d joked with the guy behind me about several ominous signs…things didn’t work out.

Now I start today with another one…crap.


finally, the spell of crappy days (workwise) ends. I’m probably going for EconSM (woohoo!) and then this

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  1. John Doerr has never stood in line for a US visa, has he?

    The actual quote is ‘it is better to seek forgiveness than permission’.

    Sounds great in principle but it just does not apply to visas. 🙂

  2. Gosh, Shefaly, must have missed seeing you in the office when Mr. Doerr visited us. My apologies for mangling his quote.

    Just kidding, what Nikhil wrote in his blog entry is what John actually said to the folks at Cleartrip.

    Trouble is, some of us took it a little seriously. I suppose we now have John Doerr to blame for the ensuing office chaos…

  3. Hrush, now that I have followed the link, I see that at least Nikhil quoted you verbatim.

    When I said the actual quote is such-and-such, I meant that John Doerr was probably paraphrasing a well-known adage bandied about with abandon even in the more conservative western cultures. I was not trying to suggest I was a fly-on-the-wall in your interaction with him. 🙂

    And I strongly recommend that nobody take the adage seriously while planning to visit a country that requires some visitors to have visas. 😉

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