Quotable Quote from the World Cup

So far, it has to be the following statement by the commentator on ESPN during the Sweden vs Trinidad and Tobago game:

“The hopes of Trinidad and Tobago have been written off more times than the Mexican national debt”

Had me LMAO. Excellent game. Every other game so far pales in comparison – including the Germany vs Costa Rica scorefest and the England vs Paraguay game where Peter Crouch was, surprisingly, outstanding.

We also wish Harsha Bhogale would curb his enthusiasm and perhaps allow others, especially the experts, to speak. Get John Dykes back, pliss.

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  1. Yes. Agree fully. Harsha Bhogle makes football seem sorry and not worthy of the adulation. He is always misty-eyed with his cricket.

    Came by as had lotsa free time. Who you supporting? I’m supporting England.

    – Kunal

  2. I guess Harsha was a little out of place with Football, and he finds himself in a space where he is yet to establish his credibility, so he’s trying to do that by talking a lot more.

    He has improved over the past few days, and is now comfortable enough joking around. Sample: yesterday he told Steve McMahon that Park Ji Sung is from the only club that matters in England; McMohan is ex-Liverpool, so he was amusingly caught off guard.

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