Pretty Vegas !!!

ooh ooh just heard and saw the video of pretty vegas on vh1 this means the album is out okay it sounds much more refined now and jd fortunes voice in the studio recording seems to lack that edge and the raw-er-ness that it had during the rockstar inxs show but woohoo it sounds great and we desperately want to hear as do you i guess googling for info now and it has been released but i guess not in india but we want to hear cause we are sure its going to be great and wowee we want to hear.

(deep breath)

Here’s Wiki on Pretty Vegas and Wiki on Switch, the album. Rhymebawd and Harneet, I think we missed this somehow. Don’t panic. It’s just an album. *knowing look*

Oh, guess what- The Darkness’ ‘One way ticket to hell’ is playing now. Don’t like that voice.

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  1. umm. i didn’t get your post, man. why are you gushing in simulated ecstasy? also, we missed what? this album has been popping all over for downloads but i wanted to get to the more important albums first. that is, if you were referring to the fact that we missed downloading it.

    also, i think it was the fact that JD had a much better voice modulation than Marty that got him a place in INXS.

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