Post First Servicing Performance of the Wagon R

Have been reminded that I’d forgotten to post the post-servicing review of the Wagon R

Before I took it in for servicing to Rana Motors at Wazirpur in Delhi, I made the following list of complaints:

1. Poor acceleration of the car with the AC, and the car slows down very fast if one doesn’t accelerate while the AC is on.
2. Door Alarm beeping whenever the car is switched off, even if the door is closed
3. Poor power steering
4. Occasional Gear slippage and the gear getting stuck in neutral occasionally
5. The car becomes a little uneasy at high speeds (90kmph) – one gets the feeling of a loss of grip
6. Occasionally, the car stalls at slow speeds on startup, or while reversing
7. The boot and the back doors have to be slammed shut, else they don’t close properly and rattle while driving
8. The central locking alarm keeps going off even with the slightest touch (had to turn it off 8 times in one day)
9. Number plate is loose and the screw on one side keeps slipping off.
10. Apparently low average (though I didn’t think so, my dad did)

Post servicing, points 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 had been addressed. Since the car is high, they suggested that we get a spoiler installed for lack of grip at high speeds (pt.5), otherwise – no solution. The steering wheel was loosened (pt.3)- that was the best that they could do because according to them, the Wagon R has electronic power steering, not hydraulic. They suggested that we check the average methodically and then get back to them.

Since then problems 1, 2 and 6, which had been the main problems apart from 8 have resurfaced.

On the whole, the car drives well, feels spacious, changing gears is a little iffy, accelerates rather well when the AC is off, is a little noisy, but very comfortable.

Link: I’d reviewed the design of the car after I’d bought it, here.

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  1. Well, from what I’ve heard, most Maruti cars have problems with electronics.

    My main reason for choosing the Wagon R over the swift was maneuverability in Delhi. I can’t imagine snaking through Delhi traffic in a car like that. Also, the Swift has a tiny rear window. For the sake of design, the side windows taper and those in the back feel claustrophobic. The Wagon R is airy.

    Apart from the need for a spoiler,and low acceleration with the AC on, the problems I’ve listed can apply to the Swift as well.

    But yeah – the Swift looks sexy.

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