Take a look at this design by Diller & Scofidio and compare it with . According to this New York Times report I’ve just finished reading,

Not similar, are they? Ha!

What is more interesting is what Elizabeth Diller has to say on this – “The only way to avert the problem of plagarism is to be a moving target. If your work is copied and that upsets you, it means you waited too long to move on.”

In other words, keep switching between cheeks to evenly distribute the punches you’re receiving, so that teeth on both sides are evenly knocked out.

Several students in my college are facing problems of plagarism. Their problem is quite interesting – they must give references for everyting that they write in a 80-100 page thesis. Sentence after sentence is picked up, and a source is found. The softwares used for assessing these are state-of-the art; so much so that even paraphrasing isn’t working. Even if some of them come up with an idea they thought was original, the software tells them who thought of it first. Sentence after sentence is being pcked on, and a source found. In fact, a secondary source that they did not even have access to is being located, instead of the one they actually used.

Is any idea ever original? Can I not have a thought that is the same as another persons, across the globe?

As if often the case, where there is a problem, an Indian finds a jugaad. They are getting their theses assessed initially, without actual submission. They quote the same source that the software identifies as the original source, and their theses passes the plagarism test. Simple, intelligent jugaad.

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  1. its hard to find new ideas. always.
    its the presentation that changes.

    this is where the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism tends to blur!

    and not at all,
    i’m not justifying plagiarists. I believe they should all be hanged by their toes, and fed peanuts endlessly.

  2. well, two things to say:

    one: reminds me of a time I was creating a course on the english language. We had decided to plug in some ‘interesting’ facts et all in between the course content. So one of these said “Did you know that ‘screeeched’ is the longest one-syllable word in the english language?’ Needless to say, one of these hi-tech sites deemd it plagiarised. So, we changed the voice and rephrased it to ‘Did you know that the longest one-syllable word in the enlish language is ‘screeched’? un-aan. plagiraised too. This went on for so maddeningly loing, that I almost agreed to this – ‘Did ‘screeched’ is one-syllable word longest language english is?’ just to avoid the damn plagiarism tag.

    Point is there’re only so many ways you can state a general fact such as the one I mentioned. and what are the like, odds that some pne would have said it the way it is already?!?! 😛

    two: what do you think this post was about??

  3. Aye! Such softwares exist. Have seen them in action. I’m don’t agree with how they function, though. Take the Smitten Kitten’s phrase as an example:

    “Did you know that the longest one-syllable word in the english language is ‘screeched’?”

    The software, I guess, would have marked “word in the english language” as plagarised text. It’s that ridiculous at times.

    I’d created a definition for marketing on the spot, in my first marketing class, and the teacher said that I’d just paraphrased Kotler. :S

    What was that thing about a million monkeys on a million planets, writing Shakespeare?

    Had forgotten about that post, Smits. I guess I need to change my stand on this: the action-reaction combo can be original. 😛

  4. Tell me About it, i have moved to australia from india n gettin stuffed with plagarism, especially when u have to write a 1000 wrd report explaining a sample code given for the assignment. A program code cannot be interpreted in more than one way, thats the way its supposed to be but ‘DAMOCLES’, the software my university uses, always finds someone who has interpreted the code in the same way as i did.

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