Pink Ladies

From Springwise:

Pink Ladies spotted a business opportunity, and created the UK’s first women-only private car hire franchise. The Pink Ladies drive Renault Kangoos that are pink inside and out, making them highly visible. Passengers sign up as members, and fares are either pre-paid, paid by credit card or with a ‘pink account’, which is both convenient for members and safe for drivers.

Why? Because “In London alone, 10 women are attacked each month after getting into an unlicensed mini-cab.”

This is probably a business that’s very do-able in Delhi and Bangalore, since the figures for Delhi must be more than 10 women a day. After the Bangalore incident, while the IT Industry and the government had planned to take some steps towards appointing women drivers, I’m afraid the Pink Ladies wins hands down.

Some features:

Pink Ladies Reduces Risks

With satellite tracking, self-defence trained drivers and a no cash in the car policy, Pink ladies have endeavoured to minimise all risks. As they say, ‘prevention is better than a cure.’

Increased Awareness

Not only do our Pink Ladies Cabs get you home, we will stay outside your home and observe that you make it safely through your front door, at no extra cost, ensuring even more peace of mind.

No Waiting Outside

Where appropriate we can arrange to call or text you to give you exact information about where your Pink Ladies Car is located. This means that you can avoid the risks associated with standing outside awaiting a cab to arrive.

Read about them here and here.

India’s ripe for such a solution, yes? But what of those who aren’t able to support such a service? Hmm…

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