Pimping your browser

If you’re using Firefox (and you should be. No excuses), install the Pimpzilla theme for a browser with bling. I’ve always preferred the functional look for my broswers, but this is amusing without being in your face; ironic for a theme that supposedly pimps your browser. I laugh out loud every time I see that peach (thanks Aishwarya) fur. This isn’t just another Mac theme clone, and my guess is that it will spawn a whole set of pimpzilla themes – for Winamp, for Windows. Let’s wait and see.

I like:

1. The bling – gold buttons that shine on mouseover
2. Gold scrollbars
3. The fur – peach fur all around, and cheetah fur as a tab-background.
4. The way the icons blend into the fur background

And what’s pimping, you ask? Wikipedia to the rescue:


Pimp can also be used as a verb such as “You’re pimped up!” or “Pimp my ride”. The latter example refers to customizing an automobile, made popular by the show Pimp My Ride on MTV. It can also be used as an adjective connoting the same, i.e. “Man, that car’s pimp!”

Either use was originally a derogatory term, implying that the subject was overly decorated and tacky (referring to the stereotype of pimps with excessive jewelry, flashy clothes, or brightly colored cars with animal-print upholstery and crystal chandeliers). It was eventually reclaimed as an American slang term for being unique, “cool”, or socially desirable, in much the same way as the term “ghetto fabulous”. It’s even used to describe a young teenage male as “cool” or who is very popular with teenage girls, and can meet and talk to them with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Download the theme (here). To see more screenshots, click here.

Peach, yeah. That’s the fruit.

[Note: I suppose the title of this post will get a lot of people searching google for sex to this blog. Oops…mentioned the ‘s’ word. That’ll triple the count…]

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