Pick Your Mugshot, Media Culpa and a brilliant ad campaign

Two sites.

The first is the Brand Reporter website where they’re asking readers to vote for their favourite mug design. Some interesting mug designs, here. I like the barcode design by Austin D’Souza, cause I like my tea mugs (I don’t drink coffee) as black as possible. It’s a difficult choice, though I like the one by Hitesh Mehta and think that the one by Kedar Naik is the cleverest. Your pick?

The second is a blog dedicated to spotting media mistakes, called Media Culpa. According to the site:

This blog is meant to let journalists know that readers/viewers do see through mistakes � both errors of omission and errors of commission. This blog is meant to be a veritable record of just that.

I don’t know about you, but I think that it’s limited in its scope. It would have been better as just a section of the host site, newswatch. Still, it’s an interesting initiative by Newswatch and Arun Verma‘s Creativegarh. Let’s see how things go.


Oh yeah, not to forget the brilliant ad campaign- this.

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