Photography after a long time – macros

Went to Karims at Jama Masjid today with a few friends. One of them – Harneet – gave me some photography tips, and reminded me of macros. Can’t remember the last time I did something remotely creative; been thinking of trying my hand at painting, or trying to make something of that piece of soapstone I have. Haven’t sculpted for over six years now, and I’m sure my chisel and hammer are either lost or have been thrown away.

Photography seems to be less time consuming a hobby (which is why I switched to writing from sculpting anyway). Here are some photo sets from today:

Thums Up

(click on the image for the entire set)

So, it’s almost a done thing for us to have thums up whenever we meet, lest it’s beer. No it’s not a ‘macho’ thing that the stupid ads portray – Thums Up is the only areated drink I like, though the strange thing is that not many retailers stock it in Delhi.


(click on the image for the entire set)

After we’d eaten our fill, I got that crash course in photography, and I spent the rest of the stay at the restaurant, clicking photographs.

and after that, looking at everything from a macro (photography) perspective, until the battery ran out. The set which these belong to was clicked at CP:

(click on the images for the CP set)

In the background is the inner circle of Connought Place (I refuse to call it Rajiv Chowk (bleh)), where they’ve created a rather nice garden with an open air theatre. The camera battery ran out, so couldn’t take more.

Now everything looks like a macro. Maybe will click photos of flowers in my garden tomorrow, if I get time.

All the macros here.

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  1. Very nice and real. Mouthwatering even 🙁

    As for why Thums Up is not stocked much in Delhi, why not ask M Pahwa? She will know.. 😉

    Didn’t know you sculpted but am no longer surprised by your creative talents.

  2. Thanks. 🙂
    I sculpted in school, but was never really good enough to be professional. The only one I did remotely creative was in plaster of paris,where I made a bust that showed the back and head on either side, and dedicated it to politicians. the logic: they always turn their back on you.

    Anyway, haven’t done anything creative for a long time, and I kinda went beserk clicking photos on Sunday.

    The Thums Up one is my favourite….something about minimalism. Will ask didi about Thums Up. 😀

    Kapil: When you’re hanging out with someone as good at photography as Harneet is, I guess some of it is bound to rub off. See his work, here:

  3. Nikhil: Thums Up I think has the MAXIMUM cinnamon-flavour of all brown coloured, sugared, caffeinated drinks in the market. Minimalism? Did you mean the minimal advertising Coke India does for it? 🙂

    That sculpture sounds very cool for a young school-going person.

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