Phishing sites on Geocities? What’s Yahoo! doing about them?

I should think that attempts at phishing violate Yahoo!‘s Spam Policy, and Yahoo! obviously doesn’t seem to be doing enough to check on how their service is being used.

Five to six emails everyday that get by Gmail‘s spam filters carry a message similar to the following:

In accordance with our terms please visit here to verify your information on our secure, private site to ensure our records are accurate.

That is a phishing message, attempting to fool me into giving away my details. is a Yahoo! owned Geocities site for Mexico. Anyone can register a page, and this one redirects to a home loan/mortgage website. Other addresses in other similar mails:

The senders email address is always different, and from different domains. GMail’s spam system isn’t able to stop these, so my only recourse is to set a filter. All mails with the word “” will now go directly to Trash.

Unfortunately, some messages from Yahoo! Groups also carry a mention of geocities, so that goes into trash too. I’ve already got enough to read/scan and write every day, and I can’t deal with spam coming directly to my main mailbox. GMail, otherwise is most efficient.

Also, seems like this isn’t new:

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