Am utterly overwhelmed with tech issues of late….

PC: One hard disk went kaput recently, and I did a reinstall of the OS. Since then, the other hard disk has stopped working. Sometimes the PC just doesn’t load. The system appears to be overheating,and just shuts off sporadically.

Mobile: The screen of the N95 went black during one call. A problem with Nokia service centers is that they format the phone every time, so I’m likely to lose all contact information. Trying to back it up with a blank screen is a major ask.

Net Connection: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…the MTNL connection is erratic. Apart from this, the Speed i get from the Reliance connection is not good enough.

Wifi: erratic, again.

Laptop: on a couple of occasions, it’s just switched off on its own. The other laptop has Vista, which makes it unusable.

problem is that much of this is happening at the same time. I tried replacing parts of the PC recently, but that hasn’t helped. The solution – will need to buy a brand new PC (with XP, and NOT Vista). No solution for Reliance and MTNL net connections, or the Wifi. Have to get the mobile fixed,and risk losing all the contacts on my phone. aargh – i should havebacked up more often

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  1. Buy a Vista computer. Flush it and put XP on it. You will generally get two times the speed XP needs to run. Vista itself isn’t too bad, if run without eye candy options. As it is I run XP in the Windows Classic mode.

    I presume you have a 80/160 GB external HDD. Schedule a time once/twice a week to back up all your data. Actually, since you have a laptop and a computer, you could mirror your data across the two computers.

    Can’t you copy the N95 contacts to the computer too? I mean – wont it show the stuff in the mobile on the computer? And can’t you request the Nokia guys to backup all the contacts before flushing it?

  2. Can’t you sync your N95 with Outlook like how you can do with your Windows Mobile or Sony Ericsson phones? Synchronizing your phone once a day with your PC/laptop isn’t a bad idea.

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